The Wise Difference

On many Accountant’s websites you will find a vast list of services that no one really understands.  You will not find that here.

We believe that everyone starts at the same point where they assume all Accountants can do tax returns and a set of financial accounts.  Where the difference always is, is how you as an Accountant relate to your clients.

We have a few basic approaches:

We put ourselves in YOUR shoes!

What do we mean by this?  With every issue, problem or solution, to get the best result we believe you must see it through the client’s eyes not ours.

It is not right to impose our value set and come up with the solution.  For example, in reviewing a client’s risk in what they are prepared to take in investing, it s unique to how they feel.  We may have a more or less aggressive approach, that does not mean it is right for the client.

We are here to HELP you when you need it

No more hoping that your Accountant will phone you back, we always will.

We cut out the CRAP.

In all ways we communicate with our clients, whether it be in letters or phone conversations we will give you the direct answer without the fluff or accounting jargon.  For example we always try to write letters the way we would speak to a client, without the formal baloney.

We have a couple of VALUES against which we measure everything we do.

  1. Treat people as you would like to be treated, and
  2. Do what you said you were going to WHEN you said you were going to do it.

We feel if we get this right we are most of the way there.

This is why we have strong relationships with our clients, some even on the third generation.