Important Client Information!

2016 Income Tax Returns

The end of the financial year is once again upon us!

With that in mind, it is time to organise those end of year records so that we can complete your 2016 Income Tax Returns. On Friday 1st July, 2016 we will be sending out an email to our individual clients attaching Client Checklists including Rental Property Schedules and Motor Vehicle Schedules to help you prepare for year-end and gathering the required information.  A paper version of the Individual Checklists will not be mailed to you unless you contact our office to request a copy.

All of our 2016 Checklists will also be posted on our website should you need to download a copy:

For those clients who run a business, you will be notified shortly by email what month we have allocated your work to come in.  Prior to your allocated month, we will send to you further details about what you will need to provide us.

Please contact our office on Telephone (08) 8364 3246 or by email at should you prefer a paper copy of the Checklist to be sent to you.