Estate Planning

Estate planning is often seen as a very confronting issue for many families – especially those with businesses. The issues as to who gets what, how, and when can be very difficult ones to deal with.

A proper estate planning process can guide you, and your family, through the maze of issues involved and deliver a very understandable result.

We often recommend to potential clients that they “practice dying” and think about what would happen:

  • To their spouse;
  • To their children and other dependants;
  • To their business;
  • To their investments.

The results can be quite frightening for those people who haven’t thought about their Will or their estate planning for a long time (or at all!).

At Wise Accountants, we work with you to take you through the myriad issues involved and can assist you in designing a strategy which delivers your wishes in a structured and tax-effective manner to subsequent generations.

We can also assist you in devising strategies to enable your assets to be kept out of the reach of “predatory in-laws”, protect your children who are in “at risk” professions and also protect spendthrift children from themselves. Our strategies will also ensure that any adult dependants in your family are properly looked after on your passing.

Your Will is one of your most important documents – we will ensure that it reflects your wishes and delivers the results you require in the most effective and efficient, tax-effective manner.

To assist you begin the process please call us for a copy of our Estate Planning Form to complete. We will then be able to highlight areas which you may need to consider in your estate plan.

For more information, contact Wise Accountants on 08 8364 3246.