What will it cost?

We agree with our clients IN ADVANCE what the price for each particular job will be (if that is more than $1,500).

This enables us to get on with the job and the client to have the certainty, clarity and comfort of what it will cost.  Most accounting firms work with time sheets and charge you for how long it has taken to complete your work. Why reward us for taking longer?

Our approach is one where there are no “nasty surprises” and one which encourages our clients to call us – as part of our engagement, there are unlimited phone calls and meetings!

The more we work with you, the better outcome we can get for you.

What if I need extra work done or something comes up that I hadn’t anticipated?

Just call us, there is no ticking clock. We do not charge you for answering your calls. If your situation has changed and we need to do work outside the scope of the original agreement, then we will either draft up a new agreement to take the extra work into account or if it’s a once off, a singular agreement may be drawn up to cover the specific situation. Either way, you will know in advance what the final cost will be before we begin so there are no surprises.

You mean I can call you to ask your advice about when to buy new equipment or how to depreciate it, for example, without being charged extra?

Yes! To help you, we need to know you and your business. Many business owners make costly mistakes simply because they didn’t call their accountant for advice. You will only be charged if we are required to do extra work outside the scope of our original agreement.